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EPDM Rubber Roofing in Rochdale

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Anyone who has owned a flat roof in Rochdale knows felted flat roofs have a limited life span yet people continue to replace with felt year in year out. RCS Roofing Rochdale can lay EPDM Rubber roofing in Rochdale for a fraction of the cost of continuous replacement, RCS Roofing Rochdale is a well established Manchester based Flat Roofing Installation Company, we are approved installers of EPDM rubber roofing. EPDM is a high performance synthetic rubber membrane that has major benefits over traditional felt as well as other more expensive flat roofing systems. It is flexible and UV, Ozone, Heat and puncture resistant so it wont crack or peel.

EPDM Flat Rubber Roofs at a Glance

  • Proven to last in excess of 20 years
  • Ideal for all types of flat roofing on garages, extensions, dormer windows, sheds and outbuildings
  • Great for walkways, balconies and roof terraces
  • EPDM will not crack like felt or fibreglass
  • EPDM is UV resistant and frostproof
  • Other pros and cons
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Why choose EPDM Roofing over traditional flat roofing?

There are a number of reasons why EDPM rubber roofing in Rochdale is better than traditional flat roofing, here’s just a few:
environmentally friendly iconEnvironmentally friendly – Rubber roofing materials are extremely ECO friendly materials all applied with little energy – Both Government and the International Kyoto Ecology agreement recommend EPDM rubber as Best Value sustainable eco-sound roofing.
long lasting iconLong lasting – EPDM waterproofing membranes are permanently flexible and have a life expectancy of at least 50 years. The first EPDM flat roofs were installed in the 60’s and are still protecting their buildings to this day.
resilient iconResilience – EPDM Rubber roof membrane does not suffer with age from cracking or crazing compared to traditional felt roofs. EPDM repels all moisture and is the perfect solution for waterproofing flat roofs.
epdm iconGood looks – EPDM roofing material is a dark grey slate colour. EPDM rubber roofing in Rochdale looks natural and doesn’t easily show dirt. One of EPDM roof advantages is that it does not support the growth of moss unlike traditional felt systems – so they stay clear!

sustainable iconSustainable – EPDM Rubber Roof Membranes are one of the most sustainable roofing systems on the market. EPDM Rubber “breathes” allowing vapours to escape, thus preventing blisters. EPDM roofing materials are highly resistant to UV (Ultraviolet light)

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We are always happy to discuss your roofing needs. We can visit your property to give you an impartial assessment, or prepare a detailed quotation for any work needed. There will be no obligation on your part and absolutely no hard sell! Please get in touch at any time for more information or a free quotation for EPDM rubber roofing in Rochdale.